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Friday, February 26, 2010

Cleaning Mirrors

We love mirrors!  Mirrors over fireplace mantles, console tables, buffets and chests, framed mirrors in bathrooms and even over headboards.  Mirrors are used to reflect your surroundings, make a room appear larger and to complete a room.  Cleaning mirrors is not always easy.  You want to keep mirrors looking dust free and with a shine.  You also want to be careful not to damage frames with harsh chemicals.  Here are some tips:  Get a spray bottle, fill it with a mixture of distilled water and a small amount of vinegar.  Use a clean paint brush to dust frame first.  Never, ever spray mirror directly.  Spray  your mixture of water and vinegar on a clean cloth and start wiping.  The trick is not to let any water or chemicals run down your frame, this will in time cause damage to your frame.  For a better shine, you can finish wiping with a small sheet of newspaper.  Following these tips will guarantee your mirrors will look beautiful for a lifetime!

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