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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Garden and Patio

Gardening is a stress reliever!  When I am stressed, thats where you will find me.  Part of my stress is that I work so much and I don't have time for gardening.  When I do take the time, the reward is enjoying the beautiful flowers, plants and herbs that are blooming all around my patio!  It is hard to keep up with sometimes, but I found short cuts along the way to make it easier on me.
Here are some tips: Planters are good for flowers, plants and herbs.  Place them on patios, front porches, and balconies.  Group them in sets of 2 and 3, they look so much better in clusters.  Buy more if you need to and mix them with planters you already have, its worth the investment.  If you are a wanna be green thumb like I am but not so good with the exotic plants, try leaving the plants in their original containers. Place them in your urns and planters. Cover them with moss, mulch or bark.   By leaving them in their original containers, you can remove them easily when the season is over or they just didn't make it.  Several hardware stores and garden nurseries in my area will replace free of charge any dying plants that didn't survive for up to a year with a receipt.  Check your area for the same service.  Have fun and watch your garden bloom!

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