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Friday, March 19, 2010

Cleaning Crystal Chandeliers

I love chandeliers and use them everywhere, often recommending that they also be added over beds, tubs and even closets. While chandeliers can look beautiful everywhere, they are not always easy to clean. Here are some tips:  1) Remove anything under the chandelier and place a layer of towels under the chandelier. 2) Turn off the power at the wall and put a tape over it as a precaution so someone doesn't turn it on by mistake. 3) You want to avoid getting any cleaner in the sockets so tighten the bulbs and cover each light with a plastic sandwich bag and tie with a twist tie or use rubber band. 4) Mix one part ammonia to three parts water and add to a spray bottle. 5) Spray each crystal carefully avoiding wires and other electrical components. 6) Allow the crystals to drip dry on the towels below. 7) Remove the plastic bags from the lights once the crystals have dried and polish them and the rest of the fixture with a clean soft cloth. 8) Allow the entire fixture to dry before turning the power back on.
By following these simple steps you will be surrounded by sparkling ambiatic lighting!

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