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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Manipulating Finishes

As an interior designer I am always in need of accessories that are the right size, shape and style.  We have time constricts and budgets to follow.  When I find the perfect accessory, candelabra or light fixture, they  are not always the finish that I would like them to be.  In these cases I must do some finish manipulation.  If the items are wrought iron, it is a bit easier.
Here are some tips: Go to your local hardware or paint store and get some spray paint closest to the finish you desire, then just spray it.  If you want more movement with your finish then sponge or rag a darker paint over your base paint.  This is a bit more involved and is an added step, but it is worth it.  You can also enhance special details on your piece by adding gold or silver leafing.  You can get further assistance from the guys at the paint stores and they have all the supplies that you will need.  Soon you will be a pro!  Be brave, start small and before long you will get the hang of it and move on to bigger projects.  This is a great way to recycle items around your home you thought you were tired of so go ahead get started and have fun!

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